By placing an order through our web-site you confirm that you have read and agreed to the terms of the current Agreement, so please read carefully all articles of the Agreement before making an order.
Agreement for Catering Order, made through the online-shop on the web-site Jet Catering
By making any purchase through the online-shop Jet Catering ( you confirm that you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.
General clause
The Supplier hereunder shall deliver to the Customer the Products in accordance with procedures and conditions as set forth herein, and the Customer shall accept such Products and make payment for them.
For purposes of this Contract, the Products are understood as ready-to-eat foodstuffs which do not require any additional treatment or cooking, and other food commodities.
A full List and range of the Products that can be ordered by the Customer is available at the Supplier’s web site at The Supplier reserves the right to unilaterally make changes to the List and range of the Products as available for ordering by publishing a new updated List of Products at the abovementioned web site.
Cost of Products and Payment Procedure
Price of the Products shall be in accordance with the current List of Products as available at the Supplier’s web site and effective as of the date of placement of the Order by the Customer.
Price of the Products and total cost of the Order (including, in appropriate cases, cost of delivery) shall be stated by the Supplier in the confirmation of the Order sent to the Customer by the Supplier’s Contact center, and in the respective shipping documents for the Products.
The Customer shall make payment according to the option chosen on the web-site.
If the Customer wishes to pay for the Products by means of a non-cash payment (i.e. by means of a bank transfer), the Supplier shall provide the original copy of the respective invoice together with the Products. The Supplier will not issue a VAT invoice, because simplified taxation system is applied.
If the Customer wishes to pay in cash, the Supplier shall provide to the Customer, together with the Products, an appropriate cash register receipt.
If the customer wishes to pay with a credit card, the Supplier shall provide to the Customer, together with the Products, an appropriate pay-in slip.
Delivery Procedure
After receiving and processing the Customer’s Order, the Supplier shall send, to the Customer’s contact e-mail, a confirmation of acceptance of the received Order or a notice of the need to check or update the data provided at the time of placement of the Order.
An Order shall be deemed agreed upon if, within 1 (One) hour from the moment of sending the confirmation of the Order to the Customer, the Order is not canceled or changed by the latter. Should there be any changes to the Order, the Parties shall agree upon a new Order.
The Products to be delivered to the Customers shall be delivered to the address and at the time and date specified by the Customer in the respective agreed Order.
Delivery shall be carried out by the Supplier at the expense of the Customer in accordance with the Supplier’s respective price list. Cost of such delivery shall be paid by the Customer in addition to cost of the delivered Products.
The Parties may agree upon different delivery conditions for specific Orders.
Products Acceptance Procedure
At the time of acceptance of the Products from the Supplier’s representative, the Customer shall make sure that the Products have arrived in due quantities and range, and shall verify, by visual inspection, quality of the Products and integrity of packaging. Quality of the Products shall be further checked throughout the life of the Products.
Acceptance of the Products in terms of quantity and quality shall be confirmed by the bilateral signing of the Consignment Note.
If any deviations from the agreed Order are identified (including cases of short delivery) or if any Products of poor quality are detected, a special remark shall be made in the Consignment Note. In such a case, the Customer shall accept the Products that are consistent with the Order.
The Supplier shall deliver the Products together with appropriate shipping documents as relevant for the Products. The Customer hereby confirms that the person receiving the Products is a duly authorized representative of the Customer vested with the right to carry out acceptance of the Products and sign the Consignment Note and the Delivery Sheet.
The Supplier shall deliver the Products in individual packages as consistent with law and providing for undamaged condition of the Products during transportation and storage throughout the entire life of the respective Product.
If the Products are delivered in Supplier-provided reusable containers (such as thermos flasks or kitchenware), the Customer shall return such containers within 4 days from the date of receiving the Products. In such a case, refundable-on-return cost of the Supplier’s reusable containers shall be added to cost of the Products. Such refundable-on-return cost shall be paid by the Customer together with cost of the Products, and shall be refunded to the Customer within 1 day after return of the containers to the Supplier. Should the Customer fail to return the containers in due time, the refundable-on-return cost shall not be refunded.
Quality of Products
The Supplier hereby guarantees proper quality of the delivered Products and its compliance with Specifications, Process Procedures, mandatory requirements of regulatory and technical documents, and sanitary and epidemiological regulations as applicable to the respective Products.
The Supplier hereby guarantees that all employees of the Supplier who are engaged in the manufacturing of the Products and rendering of services (including transportation of the Products) are of the appropriate high skill and have undergone special professional training and/or completed an appropriate course of studies (and have been certified) in accordance with applicable law.
Quality of the Products shall be confirmed by appropriate documents (a hygiene certificate, a sanitary and epidemiological certificate etc.), and Supplier-certified copies thereof shall be submitted, as provided for by applicable laws, to the Customer.
Quality of the Products is guaranteed by the Supplier throughout the entire life of the Products provided that the Customer observes the storage conditions as established for the Products. The prepared dishes shall be kept, in accordance with appropriate sanitary regulations (in refrigerating equipment) for 24 hours maximum; for hot dishes, 3 hours maximum. Storage time for products delivered in glass or plastic containers shall not exceed 5 hours from the moment of delivery.
Cancelling the Order
The Customer may cancel any agreed-upon Order, in whole or in part, by notifying the Supplier thereof at least 15 hours prior to the delivery date. The Supplier, if duly notified by the Customer of such cancellation of the delivery, may not demand payment for the non-delivered Products.
All technical, commercial, financial and other information provided by the Parties to each other and related to accomplishment of their obligations under this Contract, is deemed confidential.
Both Partiers shall use their best efforts to prevent disclosure of the received information, and shall have a right to disclose such information to any third party only within the scope as required for cooperative implementation of this Contract with such Third Party.
The limitation to disclose the information does not apply to public information or to information that becomes afterwards free-for-access for the Third Party.
Jet Catering guarantees that nay personal information, disclosed by the Customer on the web-site, will be used only for internal operational use, including, but not limited to the delivery of the products as per the Customer’s order.
Jet Catering ensures protection of the information on the web-site about the Customer though commonly used and traditional means.
The Customer agrees that the web-site of the online-shop is a public resource and any information, provided by the Customer to the Supplier can be acquired by a third party only by illegal means.
The Customer agrees that the provided personal information (personal details, address, telephones etc)  will be submitted to the employees of the Supplier in order to fulfill the Order.
The Customer agrees to accept the calls, sms and e-mails from the Supplier connected with the Order.
The currier of the Supplier is not authorized by the Supplier to receive complaints concerning the quality, quantity and assortment of the supplied products.
The visual material displayed on our web-site may differ from the actual appearance of the delivered dishes and goods.
Please transmit the complaints to the Contact center on +7 (495) 991-55-11 or send them by mail to: 141400, Moscow region, Khimki, Micro-Kliazma Starbeevo, quarter Ivakino building monoblock.
The content of the web-site is protected by copyright including the third parties’ trademarks etc (also intellectual property).
Gathering, compiling, translating, digital transformation and other actions connecting with the use of the material as well as copying, redistributing, publishing and use in full or any part of the content of the web-site is strictly prohibited unless specifically allowed by Jet Catering.
Jet Catering has an exclusive right to edit, delete and add to the web-site any information as well as to delete and add any products and services.
Jet Catering has a right to amend the current Agreement or prices for products and services. The modified version of the Agreement will come force after it is published on the current web-site and will refer to the orders placed after its publication.
Jet Catering has a right to suspend or modify any or all pages of the web-site at its own discretion and without any advance notice.
Jet Catering has a right at its own discretion to stop selling or providing services, as well as regulate public access to purchasing any products or services.
Jet Catering can not be held responsible for the timely informing the Customer about the amendments to the current Agreement, or modifications and changes to any information on the web-site.
Information about the Supplier
Jet Catering LLC
Address 141400, Moscow region, Khimki, Micro-Kliazma Starbeevo, quarter Ivakino building monoblock
Taxpayer ID (INN)/ KPP:7725736898/504701001

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For payment in USD:
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Intermediary Bank: Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, N.Y.,USA
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Bneficiary Customer: Jet Catering LTD

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